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We Must ACT

The stock market has been one of the greatest generators of wealth in the last decade. No matter the level of education and hard work that has been put in by African Americans, many have not been able to take advantage of stocks as one of the best wealth building opportunities that occurred after the Great Recession of 2008.

As a financial coach The one thing I’m going to tell Black America is the financial picture of our community is not funny! There are very few bright spots and getting us to sit down and learn continue to be a major issue. Yet I will tell you that we are not going to lotto, or prophesy our way to financial security no matter what your preacher tells you!

I’ll give you part of my own beliefs on what it takes to get to financial security. We Must A. C.T

Accountability - sit down and speak to someone with the right level of learning and guidance and be willing to pay. People of color seem to be adverse to paying for the expert advice to get them to financial security! I always say we pay for the wrong things!

Change- We are a beautiful people but overall we are also too loyal! Assessment is needed. What is it that you are loyal too that isn’t giving you the returns you desire! Life style, friends,and organizations.

Look at your financial life much like your spiritual life and you’ll notice that both suffers from being too emotionally attached to things and people that you can’t quantify a positive net return on your life!

I speak in code in this area because in an open forum it may cause great misunderstanding but if ever I meet with you I’ll be clearer but if you read it long enough you’ll get it. Just think about expected outcome in endure relationship you’re in and remove emotions then look at your Life and ask “ after the emotional high what’s my take home results...

Take Control - we need blinders on, we are too easily lured by our eye bud, ear bud, and taste bud! You must decide you’re going to say no to things that rob you of your future financial security! Here’s what’s scary, I have been helping people with their money over 17 years and I have seen many people with great public personas who are in terrible financial condition. Yet they hold on to the image because it’s now so big that it would take too much humility to step back and let people know I gotta get out of this car note and life style that’s killing my financial future....

So here’s my financial shock treatment for today.

If you’re age 25 to 30 what ever your age is at this moment the bare minimum you should have in total wealth is your age times 3! If you’re 35 to 40 then that number moves to 4 times and if you’re 45 and older that number moves to 5! Remember this is just the bare minimum!

So ask yourself do i still care what my emotions say and go buy that car that gives me street credit but destroys my financial future!

Tony Cash favorite saying “ sugga you getting old and two broke and old is a terrible combination”

You gotta get old but broke is a choice!

Live poor now so that you don’t have to be poor later!

Love will always be better with a sprinkle of discipline on it!

Join Me on January 4, 2020 for My Get Out of Debt (FREE) Seminar.... It's time for real change.


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