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Hey Hey HELP 911

If you ever thought of money in terms of generations and then seriously asked yourself “ how many generations can my money help” You might change the way you use money”

From the mind of the sleepless millionaire!

I think of money like water; just like people don’t drink enough water they don’t save enough money

Only after being diagnosed with some illness do people say ooh I need to drink more water

Only after seeing themselves in financial despair do people say ooh I need to save more money

Ask people to conserve water they say oh I pay my water bill so nope! They take too long showers; during brushing their teeth water just run and run!

Same way with money ask them to conserve spending money they take long trips, buy fancy cars, trying to impress people they really don’t like and both attitudes usually bring about a drought!

Average person has an outdoor swimming pool with only indoor plumbing money!

They hate the rain without knowing without rain their would be no water to drink, bathes , wash of hair, cars, clothes etc. oh no they only want sunny days

Clearly without rain we would have stinky people, dirty hair, filthy clothes etc.

Same way with money we hate knowledge being placed on us. Who wants to sit down with a financial adviser I handle my own money! Who wants to go to true financial seminars that tell us we are dying financially. Saying things to us like You have to take that car back, you have to not eat out for four years, you can’t buy those clothes and shoes so that you can have enough rain ( money) to keep your grass from dying! Keep your financial future from dying! You’re 40 now, 50 now, 60 now, 70 now, the financial alarm is loud but you keep turning it off, but turning the alarm off doesn’t change the fact that the house is on fire!

Water is so beautiful yet People drown in it Money is so beautiful yet people drown in it

You need them both and it’s dangerous to waste either one

Sleepless millionaire...........

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